Executive (Third Level)

Executive level membership comprises of staff of corporate organizations and small-medium enterprises

Professional Growth and Prosperity

From networking corporate events (and Executive only Events) to professional development sessions, from business leader roundtables, the Airport City Accra Business Network offers you numerous opportunities to get involved in activities that will allow you to grow professionally as well as influence policy and decision-making.

Executive members get 3 free sits on 40% of events per year.  

Access to a Wealth of Information

Through its various communications vehicles and direct access to its policy experts, your membership investment in the Airport City Accra Business Network opens the door to a wealth of information on business initiatives.

Corporate members have access to 100% of the information on Business Initiatives and Investment opportunities.

Member Benefit Programs

(Yearly programs will be outlined and listed per membership level – Members at this level will have access to 100% of Executive programs)

The Airport City Accra Business Network improves your business and saves you an appreciable amount of money. The Network provides value-added programs that save you more than you subscribed;


Discounts/preferred rates from member businesses/services/products For instance:

  1. Fuel discount
  2. Home, auto, and travel discounts
  3. Mystery shopper program
  4. Business-oriented training courses
  5. Discount on deliveries
  6. Discount on Internet Services etc.